Error against VVS Laxman the reason behind Adam Gilchrist's Test retirement

Error against VVS Laxman the reason behind Adam Gilchrist’s Test retirement

Fans couldn't digest the news of his sudden retirement during the 4th Test against India in 2008 in Adelaide.

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Former Australian Cricketer Adam Gilchrist. (Photo by Ravi Choudhary/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Former Australia wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist has been largely known for changing the face of wicketkeeping in the world of cricket. However, fans couldn’t digest the news of his sudden retirement during the 4th Test against India in 2008 in Adelaide. Platforms were flooded with the reports that the wicketkeeper is thinking for the same as he dropped VVS Laxman’s catch.

12 years after the retirement and to everybody’s surprise, Gilchrist has confirmed that yes, this action did push him to think of retirement. The left-handed batsman denied the reports of retirement when he went to play the 4th Test against India, but in a shocking turn of events, announced retirement mid-way through the Test.

In the show, ‘Live Connect’ Gilchrist told TV presenter Madonna Tixeira, “I reckon it’s a good reason to retire if you drop the catch of VVS Laxman in a Test match. You don’t wanna give him too many chances.”

Harbhajan and Laxman gave hard time to Australia: Adam Gilchrist

Accepting the fact that turbanator Harbhajan Singh and Laxman have always been the potent threat to the Australian team, former wicket-keeper said, “He along with most of the Indian batting line up used to smash us and then Harbhajan would come and bowl us out. So it was pretty easy to get out of there and say that’s me done for a while.”

Talking about the sparkling career of Australian keeper, he had 905 dismissals, 813 catches, and 92 stumpings to his credit during the course of 396 international matches. He believed that it is of utmost significance to retire at the right time and therefore, he did the same.

“As far as retiring at the right time I always felt like I rather retire and people say as oppose to play on and people say why haven’t you retired. I think it comes again from the foundations of your life from parents, your upbringing, The people that are around you that’s the way you play your game. Just try and be fair honest about it.”

Throughout the career, the Australian stumper featured in 96 Test matches, 287 ODIs, and 13 T20Is where he scored 5570, 9619, 272 runs respectively. He was last seen in action against India in March 2008 in an ODI.

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