Exiled governing official Lalit Modi voted out from the Rajasthan Cricket Association

Exiled governing official Lalit Modi voted out from the Rajasthan Cricket Association

Exiled governing official Lalit Modi voted out from the Rajasthan Cricket Association: Former IPL commissioner, the man in exile Lalit Modi was removed as Rajasthan Cricket Association president after a no confidence motion was successfully passed against him by office-holders of the rival Amin Pathan group at an Extra Ordinary General Body Meeting (EGM) in Jaipur, which means the RCA elections will have to be conducted again.

The Lalit Modi camp, however, moved to Rajasthan High Court claiming that vehicles carrying 15 of its voters had been attacked near the meeting venue and the occupants were denied entry, which held back its stronghold votes.

Under the Sports Act of the state of Rajasthan and the association’s constitution, a no-confidence motion requires two-thirds of the vote to pass.

Rajendra Singh Rathore, a senior member of the Modi camp and also the secretary of the Jhunjhunu District Association said that it was a well calculated movement against them.

“We were having support of 17 districts but our buses were intentionally attacked. There was no time frame for getting into the EGM which was scheduled for 11 am to 2 pm. The conditions laid down by the Sports Council said that voting was to be conducted at 12 pm but we were denied entry on pretext that we were late and the result was announced despite the fact that we were sitting right outside the meeting venue,”

Asked about the allegations of Modi faction, Mahanti said the meeting had started at 11 am and no one was allowed after that. “At 11 am there were 23 members present and we took that number and decided the numbers required. Five were disputed and 18 voted out of which 17 were in favor of the motion while one voted against it.”

About the attack on some of the vehicles of the district members, Mahanti said that such things were not in his purview.

“I was assigned a job by the High Court. What happened outside the stadium was not in my jurisdiction. I had received a letter from some of the office bearers regarding attack on them but the court will look into that. The meeting had already started by that time and no one was allowed after that.

Pathan, who had initiated the coup against Lalit Modi, said it was a clear victory for him and his team.

“The EGM was conducted on the High Court order and conducted by the State Sports Council and chaired by its president. There is no room for any controversy. It is the habit of Lalit Modi and his men that they keep on cribbing,”

“I had heard in Chennai after the BCCI elections that they (Modi group) were going to challenge that election too. I feel it is a victory of the majority and I hope soon the ban against RCA would be removed by BCCI and Rajasthan cricket would be back on track.

Pathan concluded saying, “The new dates for fresh elections for the said posts would be announced soon.”