Fans slam paparazzi for circulating pictures of Virat Kohli's baby despite requesting privacy

Fans slam paparazzi for circulating pictures of Virat Kohli’s baby despite requesting privacy

Virat Kohli and his family are staying together for the England series.

Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma and Vamika
Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma and Vamika. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli and his actress wife Anushka Sharma were blessed with a baby girl ion January 11 this year. While paparazzi and fans went crazy to get one glimpse of their little bundle of joy, the parents made it quite clear that they want privacy of their baby for now. Kohli and Anushka even formally requested them to avoid clicking picture of their daughter with a cute note attached to it along with gifts and sweets.

However, it has been seen that pictures of Kohli and family are doing rounds of internet since 2 days. As the Indian team moved to Pune for their ODI fixtures, Anushka, Virat, and baby Vamika were captured by fans on the Airport, pictures of which went viral in no time. However, netizens have been slamming the reporters and photographers for the same cause. They added that people couldn’t keep up the simple request made by parents.

“As parents, we have a simple request to make to you. We want to protect the privacy of our child and we need your help and support. While, we will always ensure that you get all the content you need featuring us, we would request you to kindly not take or carry any content that has our child. We know that you will understand where we are coming from and we thank you for the same,” read their note while requesting the privacy of their new born.

Anushka Sharma accompanying Virat Kohli in England series

One of the most celebrated celebrity couples, Virat and Anushka, celebrated their third anniversary in December 2020. Kohli announced the arrival of little angel in their lives on January 11 and was on paternal leave from Australian tour to witness the magical moment. Sharm who is on a sabbatical from Bollywood has been accompanying the skipper all this while in the England series.

On the occasion of women’s day on March 8, Kohli posted the pictures of baby Vamika and Anushka on his Instagram handle to celebrate their importance in his life. The post was appreciated by many big names across the world.

Here are some of the heated reactions by fans

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