Fastest deliveries in Cricket World Cup 2023

In the thrilling landscape of the ODI World Cup 2023, speedsters from around the world have set the stage on fire with their lightning-fast deliveries. Let's take a look at the top five bowlers who unleashed the quickest deliveries in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023:

1. Mark Wood (England) - 155 kph 

England's Mark Wood tops the list with an incredible speed of 155 kilometers per hour. His express pace has left batsmen flabbergasted and earned him the title of the fastest bowler in the tournament. 

2.Haris Rauf (Pakistan) - 154 kph 

Haris Rauf, representing Pakistan, isn't far behind, consistently touching the 154 kilometers per hour mark. His rapid deliveries have been a crucial asset for Pakistan's bowling attack. 

3. Lockie Ferguson (New Zealand) - 153 kph 

Lockie Ferguson of New Zealand is known for his express deliveries, consistently hitting the 153 kilometers per hour mark. He has been a menace to opposition batsmen throughout the tournament. 

4. Gerald Coetzee (South Africa) - 149 kph 

South Africa's Gerald Coetzee has been relentless with his pace, consistently reaching speeds of 149 kilometers per hour. He's a vital component of South Africa's fast-bowling arsenal. 

5. Mitchell Starc (Australia) - 148 kph 

Australia's Mitchell Starc is a proven speed merchant, often delivering thunderbolts at 148 kilometers per hour. His pace and accuracy have troubled many a batsman. 

These bowlers have added an electrifying dimension to the ODI World Cup, and their sheer speed has left fans and opponents in awe. As the tournament progresses, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await more lightning-fast deliveries and breathtaking moments.

Fastest Deliveries in ODI Cricket World Cup 2023

Rank Player Team Speed (kph)
1 Mark Wood England 155
2 Haris Rauf Pakistan 154
3 Lockie Ferguson New Zealand 153
4 Gerald Coetzee South Africa 149
5 Mitchell Starc Australia 148

*Last Updated on November 19, 2023

List of Fastest Deliveries in ODI Cricket World Cup history

Rank Player Team Speed (kph) Year
1 Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 161.3 2003
2 Brett Lee Australia 160.7 2003
3 Brett Lee Australia 160.1 2003
4 Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 159.5 2003
5 Shoaib Akhtar Pakistan 158.5 2003
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Please note that these are the fastest deliveries that have been officially recorded using speed guns. It is possible that there were faster deliveries that were not recorded, or that were recorded but not officially recognized.