Fierce competitors on field Lee and Tendulkar show mutual admiration

Brett Lee
Former Australian cricketer Brett Lee. (Photo by IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Former Australian speedster Brett Lee and Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar had a friendly conversation on twitter recently. The conversation was more of a mutual admiration that they showed for each other. Brett Lee recently shared his thoughts on bowling to Sachin. Writing a column for the Sportsta, Lee was in all praise of the maestro. He shared the link on his Twitter handle. The fans absolutely loved the column. Sachin, too, had his say about the column.

Brett Lee added a caption with the blog link. He wrote, “My thoughts on bowling to Greatest batsman ever! Sportsta | Bowling to Sachin.” Sachin Tendulkar also took to the micro-blogging site to acknowledge the post. Sachin mentioned that it has always been a pleasure playing against Lee. He was quick to tweet, “Thank you for these kind words Binga! It was an absolute pleasure playing against you. One of the finest in the game. Cheers Mate!”


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Brett Lee replied back to Sachin Tendulkar with a tweet calling him a legend. He wrote, “Yeh thanks legend, we had some epic battles on the field.”

Earlier in the post, Lee had mentioned that Sachin is an undisputed legend of the game. He wrote that Sachin deserves every bit of the credit that he gets. “In my view he deserves to be acknowledged as the best batsman of all time, just as South Africa’s Jacques Kallis is entitled to be ranked the game’s greatest all-rounder,” Lee had written.

He also mentioned that taking on Sachin became special because of the crowds that backed him. He said bowling to Sachin meant bowling to 100000 people. He wrote, ‘Something else I’ll always remember from our duels in India is the electricity that crackled around the ground whenever Sachin batted because rather than bowling against one person it felt as though I was taking on 100,000.”

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He summed up his post with words of admiration. “Humility, class, grace and patience . . . they were among the cornerstones that allowed for Sachin Tendulkar to establish himself as cricket’s greatest-ever batsman,” wrote Lee.