Former Indian cricketer reckons MS Dhoni should be credited for the success of Chahal-Kuldeep

Former Indian cricketer reckons MS Dhoni should be credited for the success of Chahal-Kuldeep

"Chahal and Kuldeep were following Dhoni's instructions and those were working for India," he noted.

Kuldeep Yadav
Kuldeep Yadav picked two big wickets. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Team India’s dominance in world cricket got amplified when they registered their first ever series win on the South African soil. Visibly enough, the chief architects of the historic series win were the Indian spin duo of Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav. However, if the opinions of the former Indian cricketer Atul Wassan are to be considered, then a lot of credit goes to MS Dhoni.

Atul Wassan had very good justifications for his opinion though. He remarked that Dhoni has been phenomenal behind the stumps. During the course of the series, he had also crossed the milestone number of 400 dismissals as a wicketkeeper. Wassan noted that the experience that MS Dhoni brings ot the table remains unmatched.

“I think half of the wickets should go to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is just amazing behind the stumps. Before every ball was bowled, he knows what a batsman going to do. These guys should bow down and touch his feet. These guys not experienced and MS Dhoni was doing the homework for them. Dhoni should be credited for this,” Atul Wassan was quoted as saying to the NDTV.

Throughout the series, the stump mic has managed to capture a lot of words from the cricketers. Among the many, the words of MS Dhoni have been quite clear. Dhoni has been heard constantly chipping in with his advice for the bowlers, Chahal and Kuldeep in particular. Hence, it is only justified to credit Dhoni for his contributions.

“I heard Dhoni saying ‘Ye ab idhar niklega. Ye abb idhar marega’. And the same thing was happening. Chahal and Kuldeep were following Dhoni’s instructions and those were working for India,” Wassan added.

Need to consider this factor

Speaking further on the same note, Atul Wassan remarked that the critics must take this factor into consideration when they talk about MS Dhoni. Dhoni is not only a fine batsman and a wicketkeeper, but also adds to the table with his experience.

“If people can criticise Dhoni for not getting runs, they should probably look at this factor also,” Wassan noted.

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