Former Indian cricketer VB Chandrasekhar committed suicide, confirms Police

Chandrasekhar had tea at 5:45 PM with his family on Thursday.

VB Chandrasekhar
VB Chandrasekhar. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The cricketing fraternity was left shell shocked after hearing about the news of former India cricketer VB Chandrasekhar’s demise on Thursday. He was only 57 years old was found dead in his home by his wife Soumya. While the police earlier suspected that it was a suicide, they confirmed the same on Friday as Chandrasekhar’s body was found hanging for a ceiling fan in his bedroom on the first floor.

Chandrasekhar owned a team VB Kanchi Veerans in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL). According to his family, the former cricketer was upset after incurring too many losses while running the team and was also running the coaching centre. The investigating officer Senthil Murugan also confirmed that he didn’t leave any suicide note.


“Chandrasekhar’s wife told the police that she had knocked at the door of his room but there was no response. She then peeped through the window to find him hanging from the ceiling. She also informed us that VB was depressed due to the losses that he had incurred in his cricket business,” Murugan was quoted as saying by the Times of India.

He had received a notice from the bank

Moreover, VB Chandrasekhar had tea with his family around 5:45 PM on Thursday before committing suicide. Senthil Murugan also went on inform the reporters that he had invested Rs 3 crore in the TNPL team and had received a noticed from the bank as well.

“He was under pressure on account of his financial situation. He had invested Rs 3 crore in the Kanchi Veerans TNPL team. A month ago, he had received a notice from the bank. He had accrued a lot of debt. He had mortgaged his house too. He even had tea with his family at around 5:45 pm before going to his room,” Murugan further added.

Meanwhile, the former India cricketer Subramaniam Badrinath was absolutely shocked after hearing the unfortunate news and stated he had met VB Chandrasekhar only a few days ago. “I met him just a few days ago. He looked so fit, everything was fine, I can’t believe he is no more,” he said.

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