Former Pakistan cricketer Farooq Hamid claims to have bowled faster than Shoaib Akhtar in 1960s

Former Pakistan cricketer Farooq Hamid claims to have bowled faster than Shoaib Akhtar in 1960s

Farooq played only 1 Test for Pakistan and says that politics ended his international career.

Farooq Hamid and Shoaib Akhtar
Farooq Hamid and Shoaib Akhtar. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Pakistan is known to produce some of the best fast bowlers in cricket. Even in their early days of cricket, there were certain bowlers who used to stun the opposition batsmen with their pace. Farooq Hamid was one such bowler who pace was fearful in that era. Rather he claims to have bowled deliveries at 110/115 mph in 1963 to batsmen like Rohan Kanhai.

Currently, Shoaib Akhtar holds the record of bowling the fastest delivery in international cricket. He recorded speed of 100.23 mph (161.3 kmph) during the 2003 World Cup and record is still intact. But Farooq’s latest claims make him the fastest pacer in the world. However, the bowling speed was never measured in the 1960s and the technlogy was used only closer to the 20th century.

“Many leading cricketers were scared of my bouncers, but former Test batsman Mohammad Ilyas is one of those who could face my bouncers with better technique. Ilyas also proved a better hooker against Griffith, who toured Pakistan in 1963 with the Commonwealth team.

“On that tour, great batsman Rohan Kanhai was floored by my lethal bouncer. Later, the commentators said that I was much quicker than Griffith. I must have been bowling at around 110-115 miles per hour I think,” Farooq Hamid said while speaking to Farooq Hamid.

Even Don Bradman praised me, says Farooq Hamid

Farooq Hamid also claims that the all-time great Sir Don Bradman also praised him when the two met in Australia. “Even Sir Don Bradman praised me as a fast bowler when I met him during the Australian tour and he also praised Ilyas for his century at Adelaide,” he added. However, despite having so much talent, Farooq could only play a solitary Test for Pakistan and he feels politics in Pakistan cricket then was the reason for the same.

“All my colleagues know what sort of treatment I was meted out from my captains, topping that list is great Hanif Mohammad — may God bless his soul — and his brother Wazir Mohammad, who made sure I never played international cricket after the tour to Australia,” the 75-year-old further said.

Moreover, Farooq Hamid claims that politics still exists in Pakistan cricket and hopes that their Prime Minister Imran Khan saves the sport in the country. “Yes, the same politics is going on and harming our cricket. But we are lucky now that we have legendary all-rounder Imran Khan as Prime Minister and hopefully cricket will improve under him. However, if Imran Khan fails to correct the system then only God can save our cricket,” he said