Frustrated Pranav Dhanawade has lost his focus, not playing the game at the moment

Frustrated Pranav Dhanawade has lost his focus, not playing the game at the moment

His father also decided to give up the scholarship the youngster was awarded by the MCA.

facts about Pranav Dhanawade
Mumbai batsman Pranav Dhanawade has become a sensation after scoring a record 1009* in a U16 match. (Photo Source: HT Sports Twitter)

Remember the 15-year-old Pranav Dhanawade? Yes, the Mumbai lad who had scored 1009 not out in an inning last year playing for his school. Pranav had become an overnight sensation with his record-breaking innings during a U16 match. He hails from a humble background, his father is an auto-rickshaw driver and the family doesn’t own a permanent house in the suburban part of Mumbai where they live.

Pranav was hailed a lot in the media for his innings. The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) along with various other institutions and individuals felicitated him and had awarded him a scholarship worth INR 10,000 a month so that he can continue his education as well as cricket.

But after some time, the promising Mumbai boy was left out of MCA’s U16 side because of poor form with the bat. Pranav went to Bengaluru to train in the club where India U19 coach Rahul Dravid‘s son get the training. He could not meet Dravid there.

Low confidence

He returned with low confidence which affected his game as well. Air India and the Dadar Union stopped allowing Pranav access to their nets for practice. As per reports, due to the frustrations, Pranav has stopped playing the game of cricket.

His father Prashant Dhanawade had written to the MCA to stop the scholarship which was given to him. He has mentioned that they can start the scholarship once Pranav starts playing the game with better form.

His coach Mobin Sheikh said that they are doing everything to motivate the now 16-year-old Pranav Dhanawade. According to Sheikh, Pranav has lost his focus due to too much of media attention. “We all are motivating him. The main thing is that he seems to have lost his focus. Constant criticism also has been one of the key factors for his decline. But I am hopeful that Pranav will reorganize himself and deliver good cricket from the next year,” he was quoted as saying in the media.

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