Gautam Gambhir's conflict with "Gautam Gambhir"

Gautam Gambhir’s conflict with “Gautam Gambhir”

Gambhir has said that he has served a notice to the restaurant owner last year to stop using the name.

Gautam Gambhir KKR IPL
KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir. (Photo Source: BCCI)

Gautam Gambhir is one of those cricketers who likes his privacy but one who is not afraid to lash out in case it gets affected. That was the case this Sunday when Gambhir approached the Delhi High Court to register a case against a restaurant cum bar which uses his name as a tagline and promotional purposes.

Coincidentally, the owner of the restaurant is also named Gautam Gambhir. The cricketer has filed a petition through the law firm Jaitley & Bakshi in reply to which Justice R S Endlaw has issued a notice to Ghungroo Bar. Gambhir’s lawyer expressed in the court that a chain of restaurants/bar running by his client’s name recently came to their notice.

Gambhir’s suit stated the following: “The plaintiff recently came to know that the defendant has been running a chain of restaurants/bar by the name of Ghungroo and Hawalat located in Punjabi Bagh, with the tagline ‘by Gautam Gambhir.’ It is submitted that the tagline makes the restaurant seem to be deceivingly associated or owned by the plaintiff whereas the said act will cause irreparable injury to the interest of the plaintiff”.

GG’s argument

The former Indian opener’s argument is that due to the national and international fame and recognition he has earned every time his name is used, people tend to associate and relate it with the reputation, goodwill and respect he has earned for his country. As per TOI sources close to the cricketer have claimed that the issue is of great concern for him as he abstains from drinking and does not wish to be associated with it.

The petition filed is in response to adverse comments on social media where the public reviews the restaurant thinking it is run by the cricketer when in reality, he is not a part of it. Gambhir has said that he has served a notice to the restaurant owner last year to stop using the name. The owner, however, has claimed it to be a concocted story and denied any allegations.