Glenn Maxwell news sent shivers down Chris Lynn's spine

Glenn Maxwell news sent shivers down Chris Lynn’s spine

Maxwell took an indefinite break from cricket in order to address his mental health issues.

Chris Lynn
Chris Lynn. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Sports can be brutal. Sports can be relentless, apart from being glamorous and attractive. Our favorite sportspersons gets basked in glory. We think, “Geez! I wish I’d been in his/her shoes!” What we don’t realize is amidst all the glamour, fame, money, adulations and everything, there’s a lot of work that goes behind the scenes and the amount of mental toughness and resilience it takes for an athlete to make a sustain himself at the top-level.

Also, it takes a great amount of resilience for any athlete to come out in the open about his/her mental strength. The latest sportsman to come out in the open is charismatic Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell. The Victorian, who scored a swashbuckling 28-ball 62 during the first Twenty20 International at the Adelaide Oval, before withdrawing himself from the squad citing mental issues.

Entire Australia is firmly behind Glenn Maxwell- Chris Lynn

The sudden development has left the cricketing folklore in shock and now Chris Lynn had admitted that the news sent shivers down his spine. Lynn became aware of the development after he left the field at the end of the Cricket Australia XI vs Pakistan practice match. The tearaway opener commended Maxwell for coming out in the open while also asserting the fact that the entire 25 million of Australian people are firmly behind the charismatic all-rounder.

Speaking to ESPNCricinfo, Lynn said “It sends shivers down my spine when you hear something like this, Glenn’s a close mate of mine,” he said after the match. “When one man goes the whole team feels it; but I think the whole of Australia feels it. What he’s got to realise is that, as men, we don’t speak up enough about it, so I’m really proud that he’s really come out and assessed that cricket isn’t for him right now.”

“He has to realise there are 25 million people from Australia behind him and that’s the main thing. Whatever we can do, whether it’s more or less, we’ll be there. I wish him all the best, if he needs me I’ll be there. I feel for the bloke and just hope he can bounce back because over the last week, we’ve seen how good he is. Cricket will have a big dent with him sat on the sidelines, but I don’t want him to rush at all,” he added.

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