Hanuma Vihari shuts singer Babul Supriyo's criticism with a classy reply

Hanuma Vihari shuts singer Babul Supriyo’s criticism with a classy reply

Hanuma Vihari's gritty knock in the SCG Test.

Hanuma Vihari and Babul Supriyo
Hanuma Vihari and Babul Supriyo. (Photo Source: Getty Images and Twitter)

Hanuma Vihari’s knock of 23 runs in the second innings of the Sydney Test was one of the most memorable innings an Indian batsman has played in overseas conditions. He battled for 161 balls on a day five pitch at the Sydney Cricket Ground. He was on the crease for 286 minutes. The fact that he was not only battling the Aussie attack but also managing a hamstring injury, one serious issue was enough to jeopardise at least two months of cricket for him. 

On top of that, when he walked out to bat, he was sort of also trying to justify his place in the side after not performing well through the series. This is the beauty of Test cricket, at times, a score as low as 23 can be enough to justify the worth of a batsman in the line-up and on that day in Sydney, Vihari did exactly that for himself.

Supriyo’s description of Vihari’s innings was outrageous

However, while the Andhra batsman was fighting all these battles, some fans sitting at home felt his innings was too slow and India could have won the match, had he not batted the way he did. Notable political leader and singer, Babul Supriyo, also tweeted to express his frustration. 

The elected Member of Parliament, Supriyo, wrote, “Playing 109 balls to score 7! That is atrocious to say the least•Hanuma Bihari has not only killed any Chance for India to achieve a historic win but has also murdered Cricket.. not keeping win an option, even if remotely, is criminal. PS: I know that I know nothing abt cricket.”

The tweet was made while Hanuma Vihari was still at the crease trying to secure a much important draw for his side. The middle-order batsman read the tweet two days after it was uploaded and decided to reply to it. He didn’t say anything but just corrected Supriyo for making an error of getting his name wrong. 

The MP wrote the cricketer’s name as ‘Bihari’ instead of ‘Vihari.’ This was a very classy move considering that the words from the political leader were enough to make anyone who understands cricket a little mad.