Harbhajan Singh enraged after China found new virus carrying potential pandemic risk

Harbhajan Singh enraged after China found new virus carrying potential pandemic risk

As if the coronavirus wasn't enough!

Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh. (Photo by Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images)

Harbhajan Singh, the veteran Indian cricketer, isn’t a happy man after Chinese researchers warned of a new virus. At the present point in time, the world is going through a phase where the coronavirus isn’t showing any signs of stopping. In the last three months or, the world has come to a standstill with most of the sectors taking a hit, affecting the respective economies as well.

Millions of people have been affected and the death tolls are also rising at the rate of knots. It’s been lethal to such an extent that governments have resorted to lockdowns in their respective nations. As far as the new virus is concerned, the researchers reckon it was found in pigs and has the potential to create another pandemic going into the future.

Harbhajan didn’t mince any words whatsoever in lashing out. The off-spinner took to Twitter and wrote, “While the whole world is still struggling to deal with COVID 19 they have made another virus ready for us…” To start with, the COVID-19 originated in the city of Wuhan.

Here is Harbhajan Singh’s tweet

India and China have been at the loggerheads in recent times. On June 16, 20 Indian soldiers died in a cross-border fight with Chinese forces. It didn’t go down well with the Indian government, who has banned 59 Chinese applications, including Tik-Tok and Helo.

Harbhajan reckons that boycotting Chinese products is the way forward in order to become self-reliant. “If we want to be self-reliant, the boycott is probably the right thing. Everything can be made in India. We have a lot of capabilities.

If we want to ban Chinese goods, we should. If they are attacking India and our soldier brothers, then ban their goods. Why should their country run via our money? I am with all those who say Chinese products should be banned,” he had said.

There have been a lot of discussion on whether VIVO, a Chinese mobile brand, should be used as a sponsor of the Indian Premier League (IPL) or not. Talking on this matter, Singh said that IPL is a brand in itself and doesn’t need a separate brand for the purpose of promotion.