Hardik Pandya rejoices the prank set up by Kieron Pollard on him

Hardik Pandya rejoices the prank set up by Kieron Pollard on him

Pollard had called the police to arrest Pandya.

Mumbai Indians
Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya of Mumbai Indians  (Photo: Surjeet Yadav/IANS)

The all-rounder of the Indian team Hardik Pandya has recalled the moment in West Indies when he was pranked by Kieron Pollard. Both are teammates of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and share a special camaraderie for each other. The West Indian all-rounder is known for his witty behaviour and even Pandya couldn’t escape his prank. However, the youngster was in the Caribbean shores in June 2017 and rejoiced the funny incident happened with him.

Pollard called the police

Hardik Pandya revealed the prank set up by Pollard for him in the chat show ‘Breakfast with Champions’  which is host by cricket presenter Gaurav Kapur. He remembered the way Kieron Pollard called the police while he was roaming in West Indies when India had visited for the ODI series earlier this year.

“When we went to West Indies, I was with him the whole time. I was roaming about as if I was in India because I knew that he won’t let anything happen to me. However, he decided to pull my leg. He called a police officer, who was actually his friend, who tried to arrest me. I knew it was a prank but at one point, things got a little serious. I stayed calm and I thought I would call the Indian team and sort it all out because I haven’t done anything wrong,” he said.

I figured out it was a prank when I saw the police officer try to call someone while holding the phone upside down with the speaker at the other end,” Pandya laughed while saying. The 24-year-old also revealed some of the insights of his early life when he struggled for a living before hogging the limelight with his performances in IPL.