I am an elected person and cannot be removed by 4-5 people: Mohammad Azharuddin

Azharuddin has hit back at the association members after he was removed as HCA President.

Mohammad Azharuddin
Mohammad Azharuddin. (Photo by Waseem Gashroo/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

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Be it cricket, politics, or giving statements related to religious views, if there is one cricketer who is constantly criticized, it is Mohammad Azharuddin. Often the former India captain is in the limelight due to one thing or the other. He is back in the news after being reportedly being dismissed as the president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA).

Azharuddin has hit back and has made his stance clear that he is still in the position and has the right to control it. The 58-year-old dismissed this move as illegal and further explained that four or five people cannot simply throw him out as an elected member.

The former right-hand batter has also given a statement and has not minced words in stating that this was a wrong move indeed. “I want to tell you something, I am an elected person. Four to five people cannot remove me as a president as I’m elected by the general body. This is all bogus news. This is all illegal,” said Mohammad Azharuddin.

The former captain also feels there is some foul play and has shot back at those who removed him saying they were all tainted.

“When they are already charged and under the scanner, how could they charge me? They go to court every day, not me. I didn’t do any misconduct; they are doing misconduct. As they say, empty vessels make more noise; that’s the case with them; the vessels have become empty. I am being targeted for doing good things for the association. I don’t want to do anything illegal, and I just want to do what’s good for the game of cricket.”

Mohammed Azharuddin feels he is being targeted by the association members

The 58-year-old further feels that he is being targeted and made a scapegoat due to all the good things that he plans to do for HCA. Azharuddin is soon about to start a T20 tournament for all 200-plus clubs who he thinks can also play for India in near future. The former right-hand batter feels the association is playing a game and are not happy with this move.

“I am going to start a T20 tournament for all 200-plus clubs, and from those who will play the tournament, they might play for India in the future. Those people are only interested in clubs and not in cricket”