The ICC Anti-Corruption Unit interviews a Sri Lankan Test player

The ICC Anti-Corruption Unit interviews a Sri Lankan Test player

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Sri Lankan cricketers are seldom caught into the news for the wrong reasons but after their recent defeat in the final Test at the hands of their Asian counterparts Bangladesh, there are some concerns over a certain Sri Lankan player. This player whose name has not been revealed got a call from a foreign number and as it is understood that the number was from the United States of America.

It is believed to have been a fan call it has not been proven otherwise yet. Lakshman de Silva from the Anti-Corruption Unit of the ICC in Sri Lanka looked into the matter and has interviewed the player. Even he believes that Sri Lanka is not a party to such allegations most of the times but they are kept busy by the crowds who bet sitting in the stadium.

“In Sri Lanka allegations of this nature are extremely rare where international cricket is concerned. However, we are kept busy by certain people who keep relying clandestine ball by ball commentaries in cahoots with bookmakers who conduct ball-by-ball bets. Even during the just concluded series, we evicted several such people from the stadiums but the numbers are growing,” explained Lakshman de Silva while talking to the Sunday Times in Sri Lanka.

There were reports that more than one player was involved in this fixing incident but these reports were rubbished by de Silva. When asked about the interview he confirmed that the interaction took place but nothing solid was derived from the same. He also confirmed that the call the player received was from the USA and is still termed a fan call.

Lakshman de Silva said: “Yes, we did call up the player and questioned him about a telephone call that he had received from the United States. The player had promptly brought this to the notice of the authorities.”

He said that the nothing can be concluded from the interview. As there is huge money involved in such deals the officials have to be very careful.

“However, we have not come across anything that would implicate the player so far, but, we have to find out the real details of who this cricket fan is. However, since the monies involved in such dealings are colossal, we have taken extreme precautions,” he said.