ICC gives a clean chit to Virat Kohli in walkie-talkie controversy

Virat was seen using the electronic device during the 15th over of the Indian innings.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli was spotted with a walkie-talkie during the 1st T20I. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The first T20I between India and New Zealand was focussed mainly on Ashish Nehra who was playing the final game of his career. Though the Indian skipper came under the scanner soon after the match for using the walkie-talkie during the Indian innings while sitting in the dugout. According to the rules, he was found guilty of violating the rules of International Cricket Council (ICC). However, the world cricketing body has given Virat Kohli a clean chit in the matter and cleared that he had sought permission from ICC before using it.

Indian openers had started off very well and they were pummelling the New Zealand bowlers in the first T20I on Wednesday. During the 15th over of the innings, Virat, who was sitting in the dugout was caught in the cameras using a walkie-talkie. He was seen talking to someone during the game. So it was being speculated that the captain of the Men in Blue might have violated the norms.


What does the rule state?

According to standard twenty20 International, Match playing conditions, law 42.12, Use of Electronic Communications Equipment: “The use of electronic communication devices and equipment of any kind to communicate with players on the field of play shall not be permitted, except that broadcaster to player communication shall, with the prior consent of the participating countries, be allowed.”

However, Times Now confirmed the news on Twitter that Kohli was cleared in the matter. “#BREAKING: ICC gives clean chit to Virat Kohli, Virat had sought prior permission from ICC to use walkie-talkie #WalkieTalkieVirat.”

Why was he using the device?

Now that he has been given a clean chit by the match referee the exact reason for using the device is being speculated. ICC has made it clear that Virat has sought permission from them prior to the match to use a walkie-talkie. He might have used the device to communicate to the dressing room. In the video, Hardik Pandya is seen nowhere during the 15th over and that is when he was seen communicating with someone via walkie-talkie.

Soon in the next over, Pandya was sitting next to his skipper which clearly indicates that the electronic device was used to communicate to the dressing room that he wanted to promote him in the batting order. The BCCI is yet to give out a word on the matter.