ICC investigates in Delhi to scrutinize Pune Pitch scandal

Pitch Curator leaked info to reporters in the sting operation.

MCA, Pune
MCA, Pune. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has sent the Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) to investigate the Pune pitch fiasco which shocked the cricketing fraternity ahead of the Second ODI between India and New Zealand at Maharashtra Cricket Stadium at Pune.

The Cricketing body is all set to question the two reporters involved in the sting operation of the curator of the pitch, by the name of Panduranga Salgaonkar, who let the two non-authorized personnel to trespass into the field of play and inside the pitch prior to the day of the match.

The guidelines of ICC and BCCI prohibits any such developments ahead of the match and as a result, Salgaonkar was immediately suspended from his duties. During the conversation with the curator, he leaked vital match information about the pitch and claimed that the wicket is going to be a belter.

Pitch Curator leaked info to reporters in the sting operation

Also, he revealed the expected score batting first would be exactly 337. Furthermore, he also ensured that he could tamper with the conditions of the pitch by adding bounce and assistance for the bowlers on requests from the reporters.

According to reports from Bangalore Mirror, it is still unknown whether the ACU investigators met with the reporters but is a matter of certainty that the personnel have acquired the complete footage of the sting operation orchestrated by India Today.

A day after the Pune ODI, they two had questioned the curator himself in Pune and as part of the investigation, they reached Delhi yesterday. It is still not known how long the inquiry process will take but those close to the development say that Salgaonkar may have been more sinned against than sinning. His decision to provide the undercover reporters, who posed as bookies, access to the pitch is being seen as a major error.