If we take PSL to auction model, then we'll see who goes to play IPL over PSL: Ramiz Raja

Ramiz Raja wants to first discuss the auction model with the franchises.

Ramiz Raja
Ramiz Raja. (Photo Source: Twitter)

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Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja has hinted that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) might ditch the draft system from the next season. He is looking to replace the draft system with the auction model through which the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been immensely successful since its inception in 2008.

Ramiz Raja is of the opinion that the PSL model has to switch to auction from next year, however, he wants to discuss it first with the franchises. According to him, the timing is perfect and the time has come for the PCB to create financially independent properties.

“We need to create new properties to be financially independent. We have nothing for now but the PSL and ICC funds. There’s an argument over the model from next year; I want to switch it to an auction model from next year. The market forces are conducive, but we’ll sit down with the franchise owners to discuss it,” he said while speaking to ESPNCricinfo.

This is a game of money, says Ramiz

Ramiz Raja also feels that Pakistan cricket’s respect will go a notch higher if more money if involved in the PSL. He is confident that if the PSL turns to auction model and the purse for the franchises is increased, it will certainly help the T20 tournament compete with the rival IPL or even go past it.

“This is a game of money. When the cricket economy grows in Pakistan, our respect will rise. The main driver of that financial economy is the PSL. If we take the PSL to auction model, increase the purse, then I’ll put it in the IPL bracket. And then we’ll see who goes to play the IPL over the PSL,” the PCB Chairman added.

The 59-year-old is also looking forward to adopt a home and away structure in the PSL from next season. This means the tournament will be played at more venues unlike this year when only Lahore and Karachi hosted all matches.

“We want the PSL to be on a home and away basis from next year. The gate money will be excellent, and we want to elevate the concept of the PSL. Every side’s purse will increase, and if they want to improve they’ll have to spend money.

“When you go from a draft system to this, the world’s talent suddenly becomes available to you. I’ve spoken to a couple of the franchise owners; they’re quite happy to experiment with this. I’ll talk to the others, too. It’s in the embryonic stages, but it’s top of my wish list,” Ramiz further added.