Imam ul Haq in #MeToo controversy as a Twitter user exposes his chats with girls

Imam ul Haq in #MeToo controversy as a Twitter user exposes his chats with girls

Will PCB take any action against Imam?

Imam-ul-Haq. (Photo by Nigel French/PA Images via Getty Images)

Imam-ul-Haq has always been accused of nepotism as many felt that he came into the Pakistan team due to his uncle Inzamam-ul-Haq being the chief selector. The former Pakistan captain has decided to step down from the position now even as Imam has established himself as the top opener in the country. He averages 54.58 in 36 ODIs with seven centuries to his name and is also getting settled in the longer format and now certainly deserves to be in the team in ODIs and Tests.

His on-field heroics are making headlines at the moment but things will soon change it seems, as his WhatsApp chat with a girl have been leaked on social media. Apparently, it has been learnt that Imam-ul-Haq has been dating around seven to eight girls and the chats with around four of them have been leaked.

A Twitter user has posted the screenshots of the girl’s chat with Imam which could potentially put the cricketer in trouble now. He claims that the girls approached him to expose the 23-year-old and all this has happened in last six months which also includes the World Cup campaign.

Imam’s chats

In some of the chats, Imam-ul-Haq could be seen mentioning the girls as ‘baby’ and giving her information about his whereabouts. In other chats, the cricketer is fighting with the girl in an attempt to break up with her and the Twitter user claims that he manipulated and used them. He has tweeted that he has a lot of pictorial and video content in this matter and will only post if the girls agree to it.

The screenshots of the fourth girl are not available but she approached one of the other three girls on Instagram to let her know that Imam-ul-Haq cheats and the pictures of the chat have also been leaked. While Imam has certainly earned fame with his batting since making his international debut, this matter is likely to put him in trouble.

Moreover, it also remains to be seen if the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) takes any action over the same. If the board decides to act based on these screenshots and tweets, the left-hander might have to face some tough time in the near future.