Implementation of Lodha committee’s recommendations to be discussed in the BCCI SGM

They will also decide upon the date for the elections of the BCCI.

Justice Lodha BCCI
Justice Lodha. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) appointed by the Supreme Court, which currently is at the helm of BCCI, are set to meet in a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Saturday. Reportedly, they’ll be discussing the implementation of the Lodha Committee’s recommendations. They’ll also discuss the aspects like “One-state, One-vote policy”, three-member selection committee as opposed to five and the age cap of 70 years.

A CoA member said that the BCCI is looking to implement the Lodha committee’s recommendations and this requires a model constitution to be adopted. He said that all the state associations should be aligned to get this done and they shouldn’t be heading to the court with multiple petitions.


He explained that it’s easier for the court to consider and come to a conclusion on two or three issues rather than discussing fifteen different petitions. “We have asked them to narrow it down to two points that are absolutely critical from their standpoint. If they are going to withdraw all their petitions and ask the court to consider two points, it’s much easier for the court to deal with the matter rather than dealing with 15 different petitions with different permutations and combinations.” the CoA official said to ESPN Cricinfo.

BCCI elections can be conducted in September

So before these petitions are placed in the court, the board will be discussing on condensing the petitions in this meeting. The court will amend the petitions placed by the CoA if they feel it’s imperative to do so and the Constitution to be followed will be finalised by the court.

“My hope is in that meeting we will be able to narrow it down and then consider and work with the court to see if it is possible to amend one or two these things and then move forward to get the constitution finalised. Then you can conduct elections and hold AGM in September,” the CoA official said.

BCCI will once again be working the same way it used after the elections that will be possibly held in September, but with a lot of changes.