Imran Khan's picture as Lord Shiva causes uproar in Pakistan Parliament

Imran Khan’s picture as Lord Shiva causes uproar in Pakistan Parliament

A morphed picture of Imran Khan as Lord Shiva has brought severe outrage in Pakistan as it hurts the sentiments of both Hindus and Muslims.

Imran Khan
(Photo Source: Twitter)

From on-field antics to obscene messages, Imran Khan is no stranger to controversies. Right from his personal life to political life, Imran often faces severe backlash due to various controversies. Various controversies keep following him and it is no different this time around. After his marriage controversy with his spiritual guide Bushra Maneka, also known as Pinki Pir, he is in the news yet again. Regarded as one of the most successful Pakistani captains, Imran is now surrounded by an all-new controversy.

The World Cup-winning skipper is currently facing backlash due to an image that is going viral in the recent times. A morphed image of Imran Khan has surfaced on the internet about a week ago. The picture has brought in so much outrage that the news also reached the Pakistani Parliament.

A morphed picture of Imran Khan as Lord Shiva causing outrage

Imran‘s viral photograph as Lord Shiva has created a flutter in Pakistan. Reportedly, the morphed image was posted by a Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) supporter about a week ago. Although it took some time for the issue to spread across, it is now abuzz like fire. These photographs have also appeared on many social media pages. ‘We Love Nawaz Sharif’ and ‘Shahbaz Sharif’ are a few where these photos were found. The reason behind the post is yet to be figured.

The Pakistani citizens were not impressed one bit with this picture. They claim that this is against the rules of Islam and there is severe criticism towards it. Many users asked the government and other agencies to take action against the pages which spread these pictures. They want the ‘cyber wing’ to take some immediate action to get these pictures off the internet. The sentiments of the Hindus in Pakistan were also deeply hurt. Many criticised the government for these kinds of posts.

This also reached the Pakistan Parliament. Its Speaker said, “Such posts have deeply hurt the religious sentiments of more than four million Hindus living in Pakistan. Such offences were covered by cyber laws and should not remain unpunished”. However, the news has not grabbed as much attention in India as yet. It will be extremely interesting to see how the Indians react to this very sensitive issue.

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