India are fortunate to have two leaders in the team says Ian Chappell

The feud between the Indian captain and former coach Anil Kumble has had an effect on the Indian team's performance in CT 2017.

Ian Chappell
Former Australian cricketer and commentator Ian Chappell. (Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images)

Indian cricket has been going through a turbulent period. Even after being in the best of the forms they are experiencing some unwanted lows in recent times. There have been some growing concerns over the harmony of the team and India have been putting those rumours down.

The feud between the Indian captain and former coach Anil Kumble has had an effect on the Indian team. It might not be seen on the field but it can be sensed by the fans. The team is under a lot of pressure because of two individuals having problems with one another. Sanjay Bangar did mention that there is a void in the Indian team but they are coping well.


A coach is there to manage the team and correct the errors for them. Kumble had done a fantastic job with Team India. His decisions led the Indian team to the number 1 spot in Tests. However, his dominating personality and his interference in Kohli’s decision making might have led to his resignation. Ian Chappell, the former Australian cricketer also had his say on the matter.

The captain should run the team

Chappell recently wrote a piece for Mid-day in which he stated that the captain should be completely running the team. He is not only responsible for the on-field tactics but also for the pre-planning of the game. The team meetings and everything should be in the captain’s hands according to the former Aussie batter.

He wrote, “The captain is the only person who can run an international cricket team properly because so much of the job involves on-field decision making. Also a good part of the leadership role – performed off the field – has to be handled by the captain, as it helps him earn the players’ respect which is crucial to a skipper’s success.

“The last thing a captain need is to come off the field and have someone second in command guess his decisions. He also doesn’t need a strong-minded individual (outside his advisory group) getting too involved in the pre-match tactical planning. Too often I see captaincy that appears to be the result of the previous evening’s planning and despite ample evidence, it’s hindering the team’s chances of victory, it remains the plan throughout the next day. This is generally a sure sign that the captain is following someone else’s plan and that he (the skipper) is the wrong man for the job,” Chappell added.

India fortunate to have two leaders

He thinks that India is fortunate to have two leaders. He wrote that Ajinkya Rahane is the second leader in the team barring Virat. Chappell thinks Rahane led India well in the last Test against England in the Dharamshala. He also said that it is Kohli’s task to concentrate on winning the games and the assistance off the field should ensure that he is not distracted.

“India is fortunate to have two capable leaders in Kohli and the man who stood in for him during the Test series with Australia, Ajinkya Rahane. It’s Kohli’s job as captain to concentrate on things that help win or lose cricket matches and his off-field assistants’ task is to ensure he’s not distracted in trying to achieve victory,” Chappell wrote.

Pakistan was free of controversy

He thought that in the finals, Pakistan was free of controversy, unlike India. They had nothing going on outside the game and had eyes only for the game. While India were marred with controversies and the media was obsessed with Kumble and Kohli.

“India’s opponents in the final, Pakistan, were unusually free of any controversies during the tournament. They were also capably led by Sarfraz Ahmed who appeared to become more and more his own man as the tournament progressed,” Chappell stated.