India-Pakistan rivalry resumes on Aaron Finch’s Tweet

Finch posted about an unfortunate incident last night.

Rock. (Photo Source: Twitter)

It is a well-established fact that there is no love lost between the citizens of India and Pakistan on social media. Barely a day goes by where the cricket fanatics from both countries lash out at each other intending to troll the other party. People often bring back the past, abuse one another, much to the shame of the harmony within the two parties.

India is a superpower in cricket, both on the field and administratively. The country is a centre of attraction for all major cricketing activities as it bears all prominent cricketing action from Asia. As a result, countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan are lagging behind India in all departments. There’s an element of inferiority and jealousy among the neighbours, which is evident with their spiteful comments and replies on social media.

So much so that these trollers wait for an opportunity for a mishap on India’s front and to mock their neighbouring nation. One such incident occurred last night at Guwahati where some goons pelted stones at the Australian team bus after their win in the 2nd T20I. Following the incident, Aaron Finch took to Twitter to let one and all know about the unfortunate incident.

The fans at Assam were dejected, upset and angry after India’s disappointing performance against Australia as they expected something special from the team. The point here is understandable as it’s after seven years that the game came back to the North-East. The last time Guwahati hosted a match was back in 2010 against New Zealand. In fact, in the last decade, Guwahati has seen only two matches of India (against Pak in 2007).

Needless to say, the full house at the Barsapara Stadium expected a better performance but their anguish was expressed off the field. No prizes for guessing, the Pakistan strata on Twitter lashed onto the opportunity to troll the Indians while the latter gave a flashback of the glorious history of the former.

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