India Women cricketers to get a pay hike before the World Cup

Indian captain Mithali Raj was confident on the team's chances at the World Cup in England

India Women's World Cup
India Women. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Indian Women cricketers are all set to get a hike with more money per game and higher daily allowance from the upcoming World Cup that is set to take place in England. Their past salaries and allowance have limited up to Rs. 3 lakh per series, irrespective of the matches played. The latest change is that the players will now get up to Rs 1 lakh per game.

The daily allowance will still not be on par with the salary of the men’s team, which has increased from $50 to $125 while playing overseas, and to $100 when playing at home. Another change is that Mithali Raj and her team has been flying business class much like Virat Kohli & Co.


“The Indian women’s team flies business class these days which was not the case earlier. Their DA has been increased at the same time there has been changes in payment structure. The men’s and women’s team will get same allowances henceforth,” BCCI game development manager Ratnakar Shetty said to Indian Express.

“It was during BCCI president Anurag Thakur’s time that the proposal was taken up to revive women’s cricket. A proper grade structure was introduced like men’s cricket. The BCCI had promised more games which we have been doing now.” Ratnakar added further.

Last month, the Indian cricket board recognised the former Women cricketers by giving them a one-time benefit during the course of the long domestic season. With three ODIs treated as one Test, those cricketers who played 9 or fewer Tests got 15 lakhs, those in the 10-24 Tests bracket got 25 lakhs, and veterans who featured in 25-49 Tests got 30 lakhs.

The Board further revised the pension scheme, the players who have played a minimum of 1 match up till the 9th match before 2003-04 would get a sum of 15,000/month and with more than ten Tests, getting an amount of 22,000/month

A point to prove at the World Cup

Indian captain Mithali Raj was confident on the team’s chances at the World Cup in England.

“We definitely want to win the World Cup. It would be a revolution kind of thing for the Indian’s women’s cricket team. And it gives impetus to young women to take up the sport,” Mithali said.

“It would serve as a great platform to showcase the kind of cricket we have been playing in the past two years. “Our first target would be to definitely get into the semis.” India find themselves in a tough group where they will be competing with Australia, England and New Zealand. And the onus will be once again on the senior players to show India the way,” added the Indian skipper.

Mithali further believed in the senior players, with the juniors getting the right opportunity to face the pressure and to live up to their expectation on the biggest stage of world cricket for women.