Indian cricketers and their salaries 2018

The salaries for the Indian players have almost doubled up this year

3. Shikhar Dhawan – INR 7 Crores

Shikhar Dhawan is Rohit Sharma’s partner in crime. These two have provided India with many memorable wins over the last few years. Shikhar Dhawan opens for India in all the three formats of the game and is a high impact player. On a given day, he could be absolutely ruthless and get the opposition scratching their heads.

Although this dynamic left-hander was left out of the side a few times last year, he has made a stronger comeback every single time. He plays fearless cricket, something the team always keeps trying to do. Furthermore, he is a great character and can lift the teams’ spirits. He is paid ₹7 crores per year. Dhawan had a ‘Grade-C’ contract on ₹50 lakhs last year.


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