Indian fans beat up Pakistani fan who mocked team India with ‘Baap Kaun hai’ remarks

The Pakistani fan had irked Mohammad Shami with his remarks after the game.

Mohammed Shami
(Photo Source: Facebook)

In a very unfortunate turn of events, the Indian cricket team fans ended up beating the Pakistani fan who had mocked the Indian team after the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. A video has surfaced the internet that sees a mob of apparent Indian fans who beat a fan wearing the Pakistan team jersey. Some sources later revealed that the fan being beaten up was none other than the same fan who had irked Indian cricketers with his remarks.

After the conclusion of the finals between India and Pakistan in the ICC mega event, the Indian team members were heading back to the dressing room. The fans, as always, kept commenting as the players walked by. One Pakistani fan was heard constantly chirping in with his negative remarks.


When Virat Kohli passed by, the fans could be heard saying, ‘akad toot gayi iski’ (his attitude is gone). Similarly, when Mohammad Shami, the Indian pacer, walked by, the Pakistani fan commented ‘Baap kaun hai?’ (Who is the father now). The comment had come in response to the hype that had built up during the tournament.

Many fans including former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag had called Pakistan to be India’s son. Soon, the social media saw many trolls against the men in green that said India is their father. Needless to say, when Pakistan beat India in the finals, the Pakistani fans found the ideal way to mock back at all the trollers.

When Shami was irked by the remarks, it was former Indian skipper MS Dhoni who then took Shami back to the dressing room and calmed him down. The security personnel arrived and the matter had calmed down. But little did the fan know that a mob of Indian fans would circle him up outside the stadium and beat him. Such acts is highly condemned.

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