Indian Head Coach Ravi Shastri vowed to offer more freedom to the players

It's about fine-tuning and mentoring, says Shastri

Ravi Shastri
Ravi Shastri. (Photo by Yogen Shah/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Newly appointed coach of the Indian Cricket Team, Ravi Shastri, promised for the fact that the team would receive more freedom under the helms of his coaching method. Shastri believed that players at the international level have very little requirement of coaching and it’s more about mentoring and communication. Along with Shastri, Zaheer Khan was appointed as the bowling coach and India U-19 and India ‘A’ coach Rahul Dravid plays the role of batting consultant during the away tours.

After a month and a half of theatrical drama over the Head Coach, Ravi Shastri finally found his place back in the Indian Team by removing Kumble from the coveted position. There were a lot of dimensions to it while taking the decision as Shastri had the backing of Virat Kohli throughout and Sourav Ganguly is not known for having good relations with the former. Earlier during his stint as the team director, he enjoyed a good camaraderie with the captain before he was replaced by Kumble after being approved by the CAC.


It’s about fine-tuning and mentoring, says Shastri

According to reports, Kumble was known to have a hard taskmaster attitude.”Why should I change anyone’s style, or for that matter, why should anyone change his own style of doing things? “As long as there’s a level of commitment, the hard yards are being put in and results are showing, why shouldn’t there be fun?” commented Ravi Shastri according to Reuters.

“At the highest level, cricketers are more or less settled, So it is more to do with working on their mental strength, helping build their confidence, helping them stay organised in their daily activities as against tinkering with their style of play.vIt’s not about ‘tutoring’ them about everything and telling them what and what not to do. There’s very little coaching at the highest level. It’s about fine-tuning and mentoring, about effective communication.” concluded the newly appointed Coach.