Indian origin players suspended by Cricket South Africa

South Africa
Trisha Chetty of South Africa. (Photo by Christopher Lee-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

The current national set-up of the South Africa women’s team has 3 players of the Indian origin. Two of those three players have been officially suspended by the Cricket South Africa (CSA) for a breach of code of conduct. Shabnim Ismail and Trisha Chetty have been found to have breached the code of conduct related to detrimental behavior. The two players have been suspended till January 31 next year. As per the reports, the suspension comes into effect after repeat offenses by the two players.

Both Ismail and Chetty will not be allowed to feature in the South Africa national side until the suspension date passes. However, they can feature in their provincial teams during this phase. As per the statement released by the Cricket South Africa (CSA), they breached the Article 1.5.2 of the Code, namely “unbecoming or detrimental conduct which could bring them, the Board or the game of cricket into disrepute”.


CSA refused to give details about the same and maintained that they wish to keep the nature of suspension confidential. Reportedly, the two players have been involved in disciplinary issues for quite some time. The CSA Chief Executive Mr. Haroon Lorgat said that such behavior will not be tolerated on or off the field.

“We strive to be a highly professional and world-class outfit, whether on or off the field. Incidents of this nature are always disappointing and cannot be tolerated in a high performing environment,” said CSA Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat in a statement.

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The statement further specified that the board has had a word with the two players about the same. Special counselling will be given to both the players during their suspension period.

“We have agreed with Shabnim and Trisha that they will undertake specialised counseling during their period of suspension and together with South African Cricketers Union, we will try to ensure that they successfully re-integrate themselves back into the team environment,” the statement said.

It further added that no more specifications or details will be released by the board in this regard in the days to follow.