IPL 10 Opening Ceremony: Amy Jackson trolled, fans drool over mystery girl

IPL 10 Opening Ceremony: Amy Jackson trolled, fans drool over mystery girl

The IPL Opening Ceremony was heavily criticized by the fans on the social media.

Poonam Kaur IPL
(Photo Source: Twitter)

The build up to the opening ceremony of the 2017 edition of the Indian Premier League was huge. The fans expected the ceremony of IPL 10, just like the tournament, would be a bigger and a better affair than the previous editions. However, as the proceedings unfolded, the fans were left largely disappointed. Unlike the previous editions, there was only one celebrity performance listed for the event.

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson danced to the tunes of the latest Bollywood party-themed numbers. However, despite all her attempts, the fans felt the performance was just not up to the mark. The Twitter world ended up trolling Amy Jackson in huge numbers and trolls and memes came in flooding on the social media.

Amy came in to perform soon after the fab four of the Indian cricket team – Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag – were felicitated by the BCCI. The fans also mocked at the length of the opening ceremony that barely lasted an hour and a half. Here are some of the tweets that ridiculed the IPL 10 opening ceremony and also had a laugh about Amy Jackson’s performances:

Well, the event was surely not loved by the fans. But there was something that still managed to keep the fans engaged. There was a mystery girl present at the venue who managed to grab the attention of the fans. The girl was later identified as Poonam Kaur. Her innocent looks became the center of attraction for the ones watching the event. The young lady had such an impact that she managed to get more attention than the star performer of the day as well.

Well, the season is slated to have 7 more opening ceremonies. The fans will only hope that they turn out to be slightly more entertaining the first one. If not, they atleast have pretty faces like the mystery girl so that the fans can continue drooling over the common people rather than the celebrities.