IPL 2018: The financial dynamics of the mega-auction

IPL 2018: The financial dynamics of the mega-auction

Let us have a look at the financial positions of all the teams.

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The IPL auction is fast approaching and there is various analysis being done about the financial aspects. Various permutations and combinations going in for the franchises to pick the best possible squad. It isn’t easy for a team to build an entire squad from just Rs. 80 crores. The teams can have a maximum of 25 players and a minimum of 18 in their squads. So, if the franchises will have to meet the minimum requirement of 18 players, they should be spending an average of Rs. 4.45 crores on each player.

After the deductions from the purses, all the team together can now spend a total of Rs. 443 crores. The maximum number of players that can be acquired from the total of 578 (shortlisted from 1,122) is 182. Three teams have already spent Rs. 33 crores in the retention event. So, with the Rs. 47 crores, they will have to buy a minimum of 15 players. This means on an average, they can spend Rs. 3.13 crores on each player.

There wouldn’t be any surprises if some of the marquee players go unsold in Round-1. Franchises might look to buy a few in the second round to keep a check on the purse.

Let us have a look at the financial positions of all the teams

1) Chennai Super Kings:

The Super Kings have retained MS Dhoni, Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja for Rs. 33 crores. With just Rs. 47 crores left, they will also fancy the likes of Dwyane Bravo, Brendon McCullum, Faf du Plessis and R Ashwin. They have made their intentions clear of going all out at Ash. So, there is hardly a chance that they will get all of them back. They should select their core and try getting two players out of these four to be on a safer side.

Purse Balance: Rs. 47 Crores
Spent: Rs. 33 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 33 Crores

2) Mumbai Indians:

The Mumbai Indians also stand in a similar position as that of CSK. There is not much of a chance that they can get all the players to their liking. Also, they like to keep their squad big. So, rather than going hard at a few players, they should try to strike a balance and get some effective buys.

Purse Balance: Rs. 47 Crores
Spent: Rs. 33 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 33 Crores

3) Delhi Daredevils:

Given all the financial considerations, it is quite surprising that Delhi had gone for three retentions. They should have restricted themselves to two. Although they got three players for Rs. 22.1 crores, Rs.33 crores are deducted from their purse. With not very reliable players in the team, they will have set their eyes on a few. They haven’t had a good history of making good choices at the auction. But, with Ricky Ponting coming in, their auction strategy will be interesting. They are left with only Rs. 47 crores.

Purse Balance: Rs. 47 Crores
Spent: Rs. 22.1 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 33 Crores

4) Royal Challengers Bangalore:

Although they would have fancied retaining three capped players, Virat Kohli’s asking was a bit too much. Kohli was paid Rs. 17 crores hurting their retention strategy. They had to suffice with Sarfraz as they wouldn’t have wanted to go into the auction with the minimum purse. They have Rs. 49 crores left. It will be important for them to buy some good bowlers.

Purse Balance: Rs. 49 Crores
Spent: Rs. 29.75 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 31 Crores

5) Kolkata Knight Riders

The KKR have been smart with their choices. Rather than going by emotions, they went in with the statistics. They have got two impact players. They will look to cover the rest up in the auction with Rs. 59 crores left in the purse. It would be interesting to see if they will retain their ex-captain, Gautam Gambhir.

Purse Balance: Rs. 59 Crores
Spent: Rs. 17.5 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 21 Crores

6) Sunrisers Hyderabad

Just like the KKR, they too have looked for the impact players. That has always been the strategy for them with VVS Laxman. They don’t always fancy the big players. VVS will look to take the same strategy forward and will focus on some impact players at a cheap price. They are likely to spend some big bucks on a wicket-keeper and Rashid Khan.

Purse Balance: Rs. 59 Crores
Spent: Rs. 20.5 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 21 Crores

7) Kings XI Punjab

They have the highest purse left going into the auction. They retained only Axar Patel and might rack up some valuable players. Given Sehwag’s unpredictable nature, there could also be some surprise buys. He is also trying to upset the other franchises plans at the same time with some mind games that are going on.

Purse Balance:  Rs. 67.5 Crores
Spent: Rs. 6.75 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 12.5 Crores

8) Rajasthan Royals

The Royals too, just like the Kings have Rs. 67.5 crores left going into the auction. The biggest positive for them is that they now have a settled captain and can build the team around Steve Smith. They will like to go aggressively at a few players.

Purse Balance: Rs. 67.5 Crores
Spent: Rs. 12 Crores
Deducted: Rs. 12.5 Crores

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