IPL 2018: Voice of IPL Auctions Richard Madley reveals the reason behind his success

"I am made so welcome in your wonderful country [India]. Thank you BCCI for extending the invitation every year," mentioned the auctioneer.

Richard Madley
IPL auctioneer Richard Madley. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The IPL 2018 Auctions is done and dusted. It will only be fair to say that the mega auctions lived up to all the hype and buzz it had created over the last few months. The IPL auctions have always been a big deal in the cricket world. Among the various factors that make it a special event, one of the key attributes is the auctioneer. Over the years, Richard Madley has evolved as the voice of the IPL auctions.

The moment the fans hear about the IPL auctions, the voice of Richard Madley reverberates in their ears. It is worth noting that the task of the auctioneer is not an easy one. One has to continuously speak, in fact shout, for long durations. As per the recent quotes in IBTimes, Madley revealed the reasons how he manages to accomplish such a tough task with such ease.


“A vigilant exercise regime and an abstinence from alcohol helps me build up the stamina to perform for two days. I have to maintain an element of control, pace, clarity and delivery of a style I have developed over time. It is a skill I have developed over 10 years and I do prepare thoroughly for the auction each year,” said Richard Madley.

Highlight of his career

Speaking further on the same note, Madley noted that the IPL has been the highlight of his decade long career. He thanked the BCCI for having shown faith in his abilities. “To conduct the IPL Auction is the highlight of my year. To have done so 11 times is the highlight of my career. I am made so welcome in your wonderful country [India]. Thank you BCCI for extending the invitation every year,” mentioned the auctioneer.

No shortcuts to success

Commenting on the key traits an auctioneer should have, Richard Madley noted that the one has to be very professional in their approach. Also, he revealed that he is not thinking about retirement anytime soon. Furthermore, he rightly pointed out that there are no shortcuts for success. It takes a lot of hard work to accomplish big things in life.

“I try to conduct the auction in a professional manner – being firm , fair & friendly. Retirement is not in my sights just yet! No short cuts to becoming an auctioneer,” he replied another Twitter user. “I started as a porter sweeping the floors of a London auction house. I dedicated my life to becoming the best auctioneer I could through study, practice & hard work,” he conceded.

Here are a couple of tweets Richard Madley posted after the IPL 2018 Auctions:

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