‘It was definitely done on purpose’ - Shaun Pollock opines on Quinton de Kock's fielding act to dismiss Fakhar Zaman

‘It was definitely done on purpose’ – Shaun Pollock opines on Quinton de Kock’s fielding act to dismiss Fakhar Zaman

Zaman was trying to complete the second run when Aiden Markram's direct hit from the deep caught the batsman short.

Shaun Pollock
Shaun Pollock. (Photo by Visionhaus/Corbis via Getty Images)

The second One Day International of the three-match series between South Africa and Pakistan was done and dusted three days back at the Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. However, the controversial run-out of Pakistan’s opening batsman Fakhar Zaman is still the focal point of discussion among the cricket fraternity with everyone coming up with their own assumptions and theories. 

The cricket fraternity has been divided into two halves, one side showing sympathy towards Fakhar for losing his wicket while playing at 193 and slammed Quinton de Kock for hampering the spirit of cricket. The people of the other side, on the other hand, are siding with the wicketkeeper by arguing that he didn’t break any rules while fooling the batsman by fake fielding.

The latest person to join the bandwagon is former South Africa captain Shaun Pollock who reckoned that Quinton definitely tried to distract Zaman as it was clear with the way he laughed afterward. However, the veteran pacer defended the keeper saying that one can’t blame Quinton as it seemed that he didn’t know that trying to distract, deceive or obstruct a batsman is against the law.

Shaun Pollock opines

Speaking in his role as a commentator for SuperSport television, Shaun Pollock said: “When you look at the incident and analyze it, it’s the action of putting the hand up, you can see the distraction for the batsman and the fact that he laughed afterward.

“I’m not saying that if he did that he knew it was wrong. I don’t think a lot of the players know about this rule. Looking at it, it didn’t feel right and I think it was definitely done on purpose to try and deceive. If you slow it down, it looks as though he was trying something (but) I don’t think he was trying to cheat.”

Ramiz Raja recalls an incident of getting run-out due to fake-fielding

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja also gave his input on the controversial issue saying deception has been a part of the wicketkeeper’s DNA and the visuals don’t depict that De Kock was up to some “serious mischief”.

Raja further reminisced an incident during an ODI game between India and Pakistan when he also lost his wicket after being distracted by the wicketkeeper Sadanand Viswanath while running between the wickets.

Raja signed off by saying, “There was no conclusive evidence that he was involved in serious mischief. The onus was on Fakhar to make his ground. You feel like a fool. Not only the Indian fielders were laughing at me, so was Javed Miandad at the non-striker’s end.”

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