Jasprit Bumrah pleased that he could stick to his plans in the death

Jasprit Bumrah pleased that he could stick to his plans in the death

Jasprit Bumrah
Jasprit Bumrah. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Jasprit Bumrah very soon became the talk of the town when he went ahead and conceded just the three runs in the final over wherein he impressed one and all with his amazing brand of death bowling. While many believe that it is an art, the 23-year old quashed rumors stating that he was indeed one of those occasions wherein he stuck to his plans on the day.

Speaking at the close of the match, Bumrah went on to state that he was indeed pleased by the fact that he was able to stick to his plans and back his strengths when it came to bowling the final over under pressure as well.

“I was trying to have a clear plan, stick to a basic plan that I have, trying to back my strengths because if you have double thoughts then it won’t work. I was just thinking that I would decide what ball I am going to bowl and I would be going to stick to that. I am very happy that I was able to stick to my plans. I backed my strength and I’m very happy that the result was in my favor,” Bumrah said in a post-match interaction with the bcci.tv.

Bumrah said, “I was not thinking too much obviously because six balls, eight runs you feel the situation is in the batting team’s favor. So, I was thinking if we get a wicket anything could happen as the wicket was on the slower side and it is not easy to hit sixes over here because the ground is quite big. I was just trying to do whatever I know so that worked.”

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He also went on to conclude that the wicket towards the end of the match was getting a bit drier. Hopefully, that would not be the case in the final ODI in Bangalore.

“We saw the wickets which were falling in the first innings. So, we saw that the wickets are on the slower side. So, we were trying to plan according to that like when we are going to bowl, at what length we are going to bowl, what variation of pace we are going to use. So, we are very happy that we leveled the series. The series is still alive and we will go to Bangalore and see how it goes,” the 23-year-old explained.

Jasprit Bumrah when asked about the poor umpiring in the 2nd T20I, “We don’t focus too much on the decisions given by the umpire. Sometimes, it goes in our favour, sometimes it goes in their favour. That happens in cricket. So, you have to move on with it. We don’t focus too much on the decisions.”