Jasprit Bumrah reveals how he learnt the art of bowling yorkers

Bumrah was very raw when he was first picked to play for India but his ability to bowl the yorkers at will impressed everyone.

Jasprit Bumrah
Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli congratulates Jasprit Bumrah. (Photo by Tharaka Basnayaka/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Indian speedster, Jasprit Bumrah opened up as how he started bowling Yorkers to Vikram Sathaye in an episode of ‘What The Duck’. In the video series, Vikram Sathaye engages with cricketers about their cricketing and personal lives. In this episode, the duo probe on a number of topics but there was one topic which made this episode a blockbuster one.

Talking about his (Bumrah) cricketing instances, the Gujarat pacer admitted that he used to watch videos of Pakistani bowlers, and as a kid, he had a conception that they only way to get rid of a batsman is to bowl a yorker. He used to work regressively with full fortitude and used to try and hit the base of the wall in his house.


The main story

When asked about “did he do a lot of practice, focus, mental strength like the great Wasim Akram used to do for bowling Yorker?”

Bumrah said, “No, I didn’t do any of these things. I started my cricket by watching television. I used to watch cricket throughout the day, all the time. What I used to do was, I used to watch their (Pakistan bowlers) videos because they were the bowling kings at that time. So I used to think that they are getting wickets on yorkers. So I always thought as a kid that if I have to take wickets then yorker is the only option.”

“When you are a kid, you cannot always go out and play. So during the hot afternoons, we had a big hall. What I used to do there is, I will try and hit the base of the wall. If you bowl there, there won’t be any noise and you can play for a longer period of time.

This is because, if you make noise, your mother will come out and you will get bashed. So the basic convenient way was to do that. So then I started to do that and then I started to play with a tennis ball and a rubber ball. So this is how I bowled and this is the only thing which I know. So I started to do that,” he concluded.