Jasprit Bumrah has a unique action: Brett Lee

Jasprit Bumrah has a unique action: Brett Lee

Jasprit Bumrah, India World T20
India’s Jasprit Bumrah. (Photo by PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images)

Back in the day, Brett Lee was perhaps one of the few bowlers who could potentially send shivers down the spines of batsmen. His terrifying pace has seen many a batsman stirred up batsmen whilst taking and breaking wickets as he has done. However, with his playing days well and truly behind him, Lee has become somewhat of a movie star as well as a pundit on bowling.

Speaking about making an impact each time he bowled, Lee said that it was important to hit the mark each time.“If your top speed is 148kmph, you have to try to hit that mark every time you bowl. And that’s what I did throughout my career,” said Lee.

However, that was not all. Lee pointed out that Jasprit Bumrah was indeed a special bowler and that it was important for someone like Bumrah to make an impact on proceedings. Lee also went on to compare Bumrah to former Australian pacer, Jeff Thomson. ‘Thommo’, perhaps the fastest bowler to have ever played, has had a history of injuring batsmen during his playing days in the 1970s.

On which Indian bowler impressed him the most in recent times, Lee said: “I like Jasprit Bumrah. His action is unique. I think he can definitely get a lot faster if he fixes up his front arm. His current technique works for him though. Not many can try and copy his action. Bumrah is a bit like Thommo (Jeff Thomson). I like Bumrah’s aggression.”

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Speaking about Virat Kohli, Lee added that he would be thrashed all around the park if he were to bowl to him today. He also went on to call Kohli as the world’s best batsman at the moment. “He would have hit me all over the park had we faced each other. At this moment, he is the world’s best batsman. I love his controlled aggression. It’s in your face, but not over the top. He puts his team ahead of everything else.”