Jimmy Neesham makes strange comparison between Kanpur Roads and Donald Trump

Jimmy Neesham makes strange comparison between Kanpur Roads and Donald Trump

Jimmy Neesham
New Zealand’s batsman James Neesham. (Photo by SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images)

A few minutes back, there was breaking news stating that Jimmy Neesham was to miss the rest of the Indian Test series with an injury. While some sources go on to confirm that it was indeed a rib-related injury, it is indeed a disappointment for Neesham as it is, however, there was something else caught his eye whilst in India.

Kanpur and Lucknow are separated by 72 kilometers of road. The Kiwi players decided that it will be wise to charter a bus to ferry them across to their destination. As it turned it, this was a wise decision. Many governments have come and gone in India for the last 70 odd years. However, there has not been many who have looked into the road connecting Kanpur and Lucknow.

While it is common knowledge that majority of the Indian roads are the runt of the litter, it took Jimmy Neesham and a few other New Zealand cricketers to realize the same. The bus ride was bumpy, to say the least. Neesham instinctively pulled out his phone and recorded the ordeal whilst tweeting about the joyride.

While it was a fun time for Neesham, the concerned Indians authorities will hopefully take a deeper look into the persisting problem. More importantly, they should take a look at it while they are still in power and before the new government comes into power. Neesham’s initial tweet read: “If Kanpur roads were a person they’d be Donald Trump.”

However, when prompted by those who were glued to their TV screens and the presidential debate also went on to prompt Neesham about his feelings about the other candidate Hillary Clinton, to which he replied: “I “like” Clinton the way I would “like” getting kicked in the nuts if the only alternative was the planet entering a nuclear winter.

Neesham is the newest to the injury list for New Zealand. Mark Craig was declared unfit on the final day of the first Test when he was ruled out of the series with a side strain.