Kerala Police use Ravi Shastri’s tracer bullet challenge as its background score to track lockdown violators; India coach loves it

Ravi Shastri has been spreading awareness between the people about Coronavirus on social media platform.

Kerala Police and Ravi Shastri
Kerala Police and Ravi Shastri. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Narendra Modi, the honourable Prime Minister recently announced a 21-day lockdown in the country that will end on 14th of April. The government also issued a strict order that people should stay inside their houses during the lockdown. Though there are a few people who are coming outside and violating the rules. So, Kerala police have used a new way of catching the individuals roaming in the streets under such alarming conditions.

They have also taken the famous Ravi Shastri’s tracer bullet challenge to another level. The term Tracer Bullet was made famous by none other than Indian head coach, Ravi Shastri. Before taking up the coaching role, he used to challenge his commentary partners to take up the tracer bullet challenge.


Kerala Police on its toes to find rule violators

The Kerala police used Ravi Shastri’s audio of tracer bullet challenge in a clip as its background score and they shared it on social media. They are currently working on a campaign to spot the rule violators in lockdown. So, they have taken the help of drone in their quest to find the dissenters. Through it, they are tracking the people who are coming out of their house and are accordingly taking action.

The Kerala Police took to their official Twitter handle and shared the clip in which the drone can be spotted flying in the air with cameras fitted in it. The drone in the clip is giving the actual information of the people roaming outside. Interestingly, the clip they shared had a background commentary of Ravi Shastri in which he can be heard using the term tracer bullet challenge.

Ravi Shastri himself quoted Kerala Police’s tweet and also acknowledged their great effort. He soon took to his Twitter handle and wrote, “Very innovative. Good luck #TracerBulletChallenge #IndiaFightsCorona #COVID” Earlier, the 57-year-old was also spotted spreading awareness about Coronavirus amongst the people on social media. He had also requested the people to stay inside their houses and support everyone in such alarming conditions.

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