After KL Rahul, Nidhhi Agerwal dismisses the dating rumors

After KL Rahul, Nidhhi Agerwal dismisses the dating rumors

"We have known each other since our teenage years," she remarked.

KL Rahul and Nidhhi Agerwal
KL Rahul and Nidhhi Agerwal. (Photo Source: Latestly)

Indian cricketer KL Rahul found himself in the news headlines a couple of days ago. He would have liked it had the reports been about his batting prowess in the IPL 2018. However, much to his disliking, he was at the receiving end of a dating rumor that spread like wildfire on the social media. Rahul was spotted with Bollywood actress Nidhhi Agerwal in Mumbai. The paparazzi wasted no time in clicking the pictures of the couple.

Soon, the rumors surfaced the media that suggested that Nidhhi Agerwal and KL Rahul are dating each other. KL Rahul quashed all rumors by calling Nidhhi as his close friend. Now, an insider has told the Hindustan Times that indeed, there is nothing brewing up between the two celebrities. The insider revealed that the paparazzi did not click the pictures of the other friends who were also present when Nidhhi and Rahul were pictured together.

“No, they are not dating. All they did was see each other over dinner, and they weren’t alone. There was a group of friends who all met, and Rahul and Nidhhi were a part of that group,” an insider said as per the quotes in Hindustan Times.

“They have been friends for the last four to five years. It’s the Bengaluru connect. And Tuesday was also a get-together of the friends. The paparazzi only clicked photos of Rahul and Nidhhi because they recognised them, and not the [other] friends [who were also present]. And then, everyone is jumping to conclusions that they went out on a date,” remarked the insider.

Nidhhi Agerwal ends the discussion

Even Nidhhi Agerwal dismissed the dating rumors in an interview with Spotboye. She remarked that she has known KL Rahul for a long time now. And they are just very good friends, and nothing more than that.

“Yes, I did go out on dinner with Rahul. We go back a long way. We have known each other since our teenage years, before Rahul became a cricketer and I became an actress. Though we did not go to the same college in Bangalore, but we have known each other,” Nidhhi Agerwal remarked.

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