Legends Club "Hall of Fame' inducts former India skipper Kapil Dev

Legends Club “Hall of Fame’ inducts former India skipper Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev
Sport, Cricket, pic: 21st October 1987, Cricket World Cup, India Practice in Delhi, Kapil Dev, India, Kapil Dev was the first genuine pace bowler India produced after partition, playing in Tests from 1978-1994, and was also a recognized big hitting batsman (Photo by Bob Thomas/Getty Images)

Former India skipper Kapil Dev has been added to the list of Legends’ Club Hall of Fame in the presence of a few former Indian cricketers including his teammate and the former skipper himself Sunil Gavaskar. Kapil led the Indian side to victory in the 1983 edition of the World Cup has been considered by several to be the best all-rounder to be produced by India in recent times.

He was offered a citation by Madhav Apte, one of the oldest living players in presence of former India captains Ajit Wadekar, Sunil Gavaskar and Nari Contractor at the Cricket Club of India here.

Accepting the honor, the Haryana Hurricane said, “There is nobody in this country who do not want to be Sunil Gavaskar. For Sunil, was the best of the best in the game, no, he was best for the game.

Kapil also went on to add a few words on Sunil Gavaskar. “Lot of people will come in, but this name (Sunil) will remain on the top. We had a passion for the game and were not looking for rewards and awards, anything. At that time we had so much of passion. With our success, if people get happiness, you feel proud about it. Now I feel, cricket has changed (and) it feels so nice,” said Dev.

“I was not technically correct, but we had no one to teach. In Mumbai, there were a lot of teachers. When we played cricket, there were no turf wickets in Chandigarh, what was there is passion,” he remembered.

Gavaskar also went on to speak about the manner in which Kapil Dev had to work for his runs. “It has been hard work for him, it has not been easy. His enthusiasm is absolutely incredible. (It was) hard time for me as a captain to stop him,” recalled Gavaskar.

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