• List of International cricketers who committed suicide

    Cricketers’ suiciding is more heard at the domestic level where the players face several issues in building their careers.

    Sydney Francis Barnes
    Sydney Francis Barnes. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

    Cricketers are not an exception to suicides which is a reflection of depression, personal or financial troubles and even health issues in a few cases. However, the cricketers’ suiciding is more heard at the domestic level where the players face several issues in building their careers.

    Taking references from the books based on the cricketers’ suicides; ‘By His Own Hand’ – David Frith, Stanley Paul (1990) and Silence Of The Heart: Cricket Suicides by David Frith (2001) it is found that about 20 International cricketers committed suicide due to depression, financial issues and because they were suffering from diseases for a prolonged period.

    The most recent of them is England’s David Bairstow, father of current England wicketkeeper-batsman Jonny Bairstow in 1998 owing to depression caused by conflicts with the administration of his county side Yorkshire.

    Former Sri Lankan player, Sunil Jayasinghe committed suicide at the age of 40 after he lived over a decade without a cricketing career as the national board had banned him from playing any form of cricket for 25 years. Jayasinghe moved to South Africa during apartheid policies after the SL board was paying their players peanuts. But he returned only to receive a ban from the SLCB.

    Here are cricketers who committed suicide after playing at the International level:

    Player Country Internationals Birth Year Death Reason
    William Scotton England 15 Tests 1856 Slitting his throat with razor (in 1893) Depressed by losing his place in Nottinghamshire team
    Arthur Shrewsbury England 23 Tests 1856 Shot himself at his sister’s home (1903) Incorrectly believed that he had an incurable disease
    Vincent Tancred South Africa 1 Test 1875 Shot killed himself (in 1904) Depression
    Albert Trott Australia / England 5 Tests 1873 Shot killed himself (in 1914) Financial issues
    Andrew Stoddart England 16 Tests 1863 Killed himself by firearm (in 1915) Failing health and burden of debts
    Billy Zulch South Africa 16 Tests 1886 Cut his throat (in 1924) Nervous Breakdown
    William Bruce Australia 14 Tests 1864 Drowned into a Sea (in 1925) Depression
    Aubrey Faulkner South Africa 25 Tests 1881 Gassed himself at his cricket school (in 1930) Depression
    Albert Relf England 13 Tests 1874 Shot killed himself (in 1937) Depressed by the illness of his wife
    George Shepstone South Africa 2 Tests 1876 Shot killed himself (in 1940) Suffering from cancer
    Fen Cresswell New Zealand 3 Tests 1915 Found dead with a gun next to him (in 1966) Suffering from cancer
    Jack Iverson Australia 5 Tests 1915 Shot killed himself (in 1973) Depression
    Sidney Barnes Australia 13 Tests 1916 Consumed barbiturates and bromide (in 1973) Depression
    Harold Gimblett England 3 Tests 1914 Overdosage of drugs (in 1978) Psychological problems
    Jim Burke Australia 24 Tests 1930 Killed himself with a shotgun (in 1979) Personal and financial worries
    Noel Harford New Zealand 8 Tests 1930 Unknown (in 1981) Financial issues
    Joe Partridge South Africa 11 Tests 1932 Shot killed himself in a Police Station (in 1988) Arrested for not paying hotel bill
    Glen Hall South Africa 1 Test 1938 Shot killed himself after several suicide attempts (in 1987) Divorce
    Sunil Jayasinghe Sri Lanka 2 ODIs 1955 Took poison (in 1995) 25-year ban by Sri Lanka Cricket Board
    David Bairstow England 4 Tests, 21 ODIs 1951 Hanged himself at home (in 1998) Depression


    (Note: This list might not be complete)