Michael Vaughan asks Indian fan to shut up after he mocks England’s win in World Cup final

Michael Vaughan asks Indian fan to shut up after he mocks England’s win in World Cup final

England beat New Zealand by the virtue of more boundaries hasn't gone down well with a lot of people.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan. (Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images for Hublot)

England have won the Cricket World Cup 2019 but they aren’t exactly getting the victor’s treatment universally. The reason? The Three Lions’ bizarre win by the virtue of hitting more boundaries than New Zealand in the final held at Lord’s on Sunday after both their stipulated 50-overs game and the Super Over saw the two teams settling for a tie. The cricketing fraternity was distraught by the result and the Black Caps were clearly the moral winners after the epic clash.

England’s victory was also diluted by the fact that they were awarded six runs when a throw-in from a fielder had deflected off Ben Stokes’ bat who dived while completing the second run. Experts, including former umpire Simon Taufelhave said England should’ve been awarded five runs and not six. In that case, New Zealand would win the trophy by a single run.

These favours that helped England lift their maiden World Cup title also earned him some mockery. And this made things difficult to digest for former England captain Michael Vaughan who slammed those who taunted his country’s famous win.

Vaughan had tweeted after the final that “Cricket was the winner .. What a day for our great game ..” while posting an article from The Telegraph, UK, saluting the home team for winning the trophy. But an Indian replied to Vaughan saying “Umpires and ICC won it for England not the boys.”

Vaughan calls the fan a ‘muppet’

The former England batsman felt terribly upset with this and he slammed the fan from Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, calling him a “muppet” and asking him to shut up. There were other England fans who counter-mocked India for not making the final and losing it in the semi-finals.

The issue of England’s win in the final has left the cricketing world deeply divided. There were questions as to why as significant a match as World Cup final will be decided by a Super Over and by the factor of who has hit how many boundaries. Many had asked why New Zealand wouldn’t be the champions when they had lost fewer wickets to make 241 (for 8 wickets) than England who were all out.