Michael Vaughan slams Marlon Samuels for his statement over Ben Stokes

Michael Vaughan slams Marlon Samuels for his statement over Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes was sharing his experience on quarantine life but things turned worse from here.

Michael Vaughan and Marlon Samuels
Michael Vaughan and Marlon Samuels. (Photo Source: Getty Images)

Funny banters and a few digs at each other between players in the cricket world are too common and taken on a light note. However, things take an ugly turn when statements or comments cross a certain line. In the latest turn of events, similar things happened between England star Ben Stokes and West Indies’ Marlon Samuels.

Stokes was sharing his experience on quarantine life and boring schedule, but things turned for the worse from here. Stokes said that the monotonous life of quarantine was weird, and he wouldn’t wish it for his ‘worst enemy’. Not even for Samuels with whom he had a clash in the past.

He was saying things in a funny manner, but Samuels dragged it to the matter of racism and came up with many disparaging remarks. His comments have not gone well with anyone in the entire cricket fraternity.

“You get off the plane, get your bag, walk out, and get told what hotel to go to. ‘There’s no choice, it’s pot luck whether you get a good hotel or not. The government have chosen certain hotels to be the quarantine hotels,” said Stokes on a Test Match Special podcast.

“I posted a few Instagram stories, and some of the England boys were messaging me asking what it’s like, and I was saying it wasn’t the most enjoyable thing you ever have to do, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. ‘I text my brother saying the same thing, and my brother asked: “You wouldn’t even do that to Marlon Samuels?” I said, “no, it’s that bad” – that’s how tough it was,” added Stokes.

Michael Vaughan called Samuels’ statements appalling

Now in response to Stokes’ statement, Samuels got furious and called him ‘b***h’ followed by other derogatory statements. In the same light, Michael Vaughan called his outburst as appalling and wrote on his Twitter- “This is appalling @marlonsamuels … we are trying to stamp out racism … !! A bit of banter by@benstokes38 should not lead to this…’’

Samuels’ statements have caught too much attention in the cricket world for all the wrong reasons. Ben Stokes is currently in the UAE, plying his trade in the best form for Rajasthan Royals.