Michael Vaughan wants England to win the 2047 World Cup as well!

Michael Vaughan responded in a witty manner, to a fan who circulated the former England skipper's pic with FaceApp edits.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan. (Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images for Hublot)

The world has found a new toy and it is called FaceApp. People are opting for it to see how they will look in their old age even though officials have raised questions over the app intruding privacy by getting access to personal details. In between all the fun and controversy, former England captain Michael Vaughan was at it again. The 44-year-old, known to be active on social media, found his own futuristic photo and he wasted no time to link it with the latest World Cup win by his country.

The Three Lions lifted their maiden world title in cricket at Lord’s on July 14 by the virtue of hitting more boundaries in the game than opponents New Zealand. The bizarre rule came into play after the 100-over game as well as the super over ended up in ties. The cricketing fraternity was not convinced with Eoin Morgan’s side and Vaughan was also seen lashing out at a fan for mocking his country’s win which he said was made possible by the officials and umpires.


After a fan circulated a photo on Twitter showing Vaughan as he looks currently and another one that saw him looking old with white hair and spectacles on. The fan jokingly captioned the picture saying the old picture of Vaughan was from 2047 – during the World Cup that year. The former England captain will be 72 by then. Vaughan was back to his funny best and said England would win the World Cup that year as well.

England’s maiden World Cup win came in a bizarre way

England had never won the World Cup in the game that they had invented till July 14. They had made the finals on three occasions (1979, 1987 and 1992) but lost in all of them. This year, too, they were looking to be going out of the game as 15 runs were required in the last four balls and one extra-ordinary deflection off the running batsman’s bat that went for four overthrows brought the hosts back into the game and they eventually won it because of hitting more boundaries.

New Zealand were left distraught after the loss although the cricketing fraternity hailed them for their performance.