Mohammad Amir reveals ‘special care’ to reduce no-balls

Mohammad Amir
Pakistan’s Mohammad Amir has revealed the remedy to bowling no-balls. (Photo credit GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

As a 17-year old tearaway fast bowler, Mohammad Amir and his bright future were put on hold following an infamous spot-fixing affair in Lord’s in 2010. Having spent a substantial amount of time off the spotlight, Amir has clearly become a changed man.

As a 24-year old, Amir has sought a lot of help for his predicament, something that he attributes his rejuvenated bowling tin in recent times. Speaking about how he felt about his bowling, Amir said that he was relieved about having lived up to the media hype. He also reckoned that it was something that he was ready and for and certainly something he was expecting.


Amir felt, “There was a huge media hype around me, fears in my mind and the pressure of doing well. But, I am relieved on clearing one of the toughest exams of my life with the support of my team and fans.”

Amir enthused, “I was ready for anything including rants. But when I went out to bat at the Lord’s, the crowd clapped for me and it helped me relax. None of the England players said anything untoward and I thank them for that. Moeen Ali was the best, he advised me to forget the past and concentrate on the future.”

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Amir also revealed a story wherein a few British fans came up to him and asked him for a photograph, something that he most certainly did not expect.

“Most of the British fans were welcoming and whenever I had the chance of going out they took pictures with me. One father and son came to the team hotel in Leeds and when they met me they described it as a ‘lifetime opportunity and best day of their lives’.”

He affirmed, “It could have been a different scenario. But, drop catches are part and parcel of the game. My captain and coach were both satisfied. The best part was that I didn’t have any fitness issues.”

Finally, Mohammad Amir opened up about his fear of bowling no-balls. He also went on to reveal that he increased his run-up by about a yard or so to reduce the risk of bowling no-balls.

I have taken special care of no-balls. My run-up used to be of 23 steps, now it’s 25 steps. So I bowl a yard back, so there are lesser chances of no-balls.”

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