Mohammad Azharuddin wants MS Dhoni to play and not retire

Mohammad Azharuddin wants MS Dhoni to play and not retire

Azharuddin opines that Dhoni should continue playing an aggressive game.

MS Dhoni dismissal
MS Dhoni dismissal. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Will MS Dhoni retire? A question which has no answer yet. However, no one has the answer to it, as only one man knows when Dhoni will retire, the man himself. The rumours have taken a new flight ever since the fall in his form ever since the Australia series in 2019 at home, which continued throughout till the end of ICC World Cup 2019.

Dhoni was unable to find his finishing gear in the tournament, which the maximum criticism coming his way during the England game when he carried on taking singles and doubles despite the required run-rate being over 10 runs per over. Even his wicket keeping was sloppy during the tournament, as he gave away the most byes for a wicketkeeper.

With him now taking 2 months off instead of going to West Indies, speculations are rife that time has come for him to bring his illustrious career to a fitting end. This is the exact thought of former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin, who said the selectors and Dhoni need to have good communication to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

MS Dhoni got a good time to think about his future, says Azharuddin

“The player is also taken into confidence and spoken to. I feel some decision will be finalised. Otherwise, people will keep writing that (he) should retire, not retire. Because no statement has come from Dhoni,” Azharuddin was quoted as saying by Republic.

“My opinion is that if he is fit and playing well, he should play. If he is fit and performance is good, he can play. Sometimes what happens is, interest is lost after playing so much cricket. If his interest is still 100 per cent, I feel, he is a good player and he should play. But, I just want to request him.”

“Whenever he plays, he should play aggressively. Sometimes, reflexes slow down after a certain age. But, Dhoni, it does not appear that the reflexes are slow. If he plays his natural game more, I feel that will be good for India,” he further said.

Azhar further mentioned that MS Dhoni has taken off time from the game to think about his future and he is the right man to make a decision whenever he feels the right time has come.