Mohammad Azharuddin’s nomination rejected by Returning officer Mr. Reddy

Mohammad Azharuddin
Former Indian cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin (Photo By Vipin Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Former Indian skipper and the man allegedly involved in match fixing Mohammed Azharuddin’s nomination for the post of the president of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) was rejected by the Returning Officer in Hyderabad today morning. The rejection won’t go down well with everyone as different camps have different opinions on the rejection of Azhar. Despite rejecting Azhar’s nomination, the Returning Officer K. Rajeev Reddy accepted the nominations of G. Vivekanand and Vidyut Jaisimha who was a former MP and an advisor at the Telangana Government.

The list of the nominations and voters list which was scheduled to be declared on Friday but eventually released on Saturday for an undisclosed reason. According to reports from Telangana Today, the lists were pasted on the walls of the HCA office at around 6 am in the morning. The elections of HCA was bound to create a hype due to the inclusion of Azharuddin. Despite several attempts, Returning Officer Mr Reddy couldn’t be contacted.


Azharuddin was contacted by the Telangana and he stated that he should be informed about the specific reason behind his ouster from the nomination. “I have been trying to contact the Returning Officer, but his mobile is switched off”, Azharuddin was quoted as saying by the Telangana Today.

Azhar had filed the nomination papers for the HCA president’s post after Arshad Ayub had stepped down following Supreme Court Verdicts on the Lodha Committee reforms.

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“Problem with Hyderabad was that cricket was not focus. We were second last in Ranji. My basic intention is to see that cricket in Hyderabad flourishes. I really want to do well for cricket. We cannot run the HCA on the whims and fancies of individuals,” Azharuddin had said after filing his nomination.

“I want to improve cricket at the district level because a lot of hardworking players come from districts. We have produced so many great players but now we don’t have players in the Indian team. My intention is to work hard for the game of cricket,” he added.