Most consecutive innings without a duck

Most consecutive innings without a duck

In international cricket there have been many records written and re-written and this is one of those unique records. Most consecutive innings without a duck in international cricket. Considering the uniqueness and level of skill required to achieve anything like this. The names that are a part of this should be really exceptional batsmen. And yes they are legendary batsmen who have ensured hundred plus innings without getting out on a duck even once.

To begin the names right at the top 1st position is held by former Indian skipper Wall of Indian cricket Rahul Dravid. Dravid is someone who is known for his water tight defence and solid technical strength. He single-handedly stired matches in India’s favor from the mouth of defeats to at least get it drawn. No surprises he is the best in playing consecutive innings without getting out for nothing as he has 173 such innings in his career.
The man who stands next to Dravid is the ultimate cricketer for billions of fans. The very own God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar. There can be rarely an incidence where anything related to batting is discussed and Sachin’s name isn’t. So like always here as well he stands at the second place with 136 innings.

Stewart is who follows up Sachin here and quite closely. To be precise he ended up just one inning behind the Indian batting master and has played 135 times to be never dismissed for a duck.

Those following the top three are Hooper with 122, Coney with 117, Miandad who has played 112, MYousuf also beyond the hundred mark with 103 and du Plessis at the bottom with 100* innings without a single duck.
Among those listed above only du Plessis is still playing international cricket. With the class and temperament with commitment he has shown toward a his team and cricket he is expected to jump quite a few places up the ranks.
The chart with statistical details follows:

100 consecutive International innings without a duck:

1.Rahul Dravid 173
2.Sachin Tendulkar 136
3.Stewart 135
4.Hooper 122
5.Coney 117
6.Javeed Miandad 112
7.M Yousuf 103
8.Fuf du Plessis 100*

Stats updated till 5th September 2014