Musakanda-Waller combine to find Dilruwan Perera short of his ground

Musakanda-Waller combine to find Dilruwan Perera short of his ground

Making his debut in Test cricket, Musakanda effected a brilliant run out during Sri Lanka's innings.

(Photo Source: Twitter)

Cricket is an ever evolving game with players bringing in new innovations which make it spectacular for the viewers. In one such innovation, Zimbabwean duo of Tarisai Musakanda and Malcolm Waller combined together to run out Sri Lanka all-rounder Dilruwan Perera to break an important partnership for the home side.

The incident occurred in the 80th over of the Sri Lanka innings on Day 2. Asela Gunaratne, batting on 14, punched one which he thought had bisected the point and cover fielder. Gunaratne was so certain about hitting it in the gap that he started running without any hesitation whilst watching the ball. Perera, who was at the non-striker end, was also ball watching before debutant Muskanda dived full length to grab the ball in his right hand and passed it on to the cover fielder: Malcolm Waller in a jiffy. Waller threw the ball on the bounce to the keeper who took the bails off with Perera well short of his ground.

Acrobatic Muskanda key aspect of the event

The critical aspect was the collection from Musakanda followed by the presence of mind to pass it on to his closest fielder, who was aware of the situation. The keeper did well too by quickly getting behind the stumps before the throw came in. This is the rarest of rare run outs one could ever see on the cricket field.

Perera and Gunaratne made the error of ball watching and running before the ball had crossed the inner ring fielders square of the wicket. The fielding standards have increased drastically in the last decade and batsmen must take that into account before committing to risky singles.

Hosts have their backs to the wall

Waller then combined with Sikandar Raza on Day 3 to give his side a vice-like grip in this lone Test. He is currently unbeaten on 57, involved in a 107-run stand with Raza (97*) for the 7th wicket. Zimbabwe, after winning the ODI series, are on their way of winning their first Test in Sri Lanka. With two days of play left, the visitors are 262 runs ahead with 4-second innings wicket still in hand.