Mustafizur can revolutionise Bangladesh cricket: Mashrafe Mortaza

Mustafizur can revolutionise Bangladesh cricket: Mashrafe Mortaza

Sunrisers Hyderabad
Mustafizur Rahman (Photo Source: BCCI)

Bangladesh ODI skipper Mashrafe Mortaza believes that 20-year old starlet Mustafizur Rahman can ‘revolutionize’ Bangladeshi cricket should he play to the best of his abilities for the next 10 years.

Mustafizur has broken into the scene with impressive performances in both the T20 and the ODI format. Mortaza however, stated that Mustafizur must also be taken care of well should he have a longer career. The 20-year old is currently plying his trade with the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the ongoing IPL.

“His body is not a machine. Mustafizur is an asset for Bangladesh, we must realise that. We have to make sure that Bangladesh gets the highest service he has to offer so that he can play for at least 10-12 years for Bangladesh. I believe, Mustafizur will change Bangladesh cricket,” Mortaza was quoted as saying by on Monday.

In the IPL, players have failed to read him and he is one of the most economical bowlers in the competition, when asked about it Mortaza said, “Mustafizur’s success was expected. Top batsmen across the world have trouble reading him. IPL teams comprise four foreign and seven Indian players. He is supposed to do well there, it’s no surprise.”

Speaking on his wicket taking ability, Mortaza added: “It’s good for him if the ball does grip the surface but it’s not necessary. He has developed a wide repertoire. He can now bowl at 142-143 Kmph, and with a cross seam that unsettles the batsman. He has been bowling perfect yorkers.”

“What has trouble the batsmen more are the variety of cutters that Mustafizur has in his Arsenal. He has also developed slower balls and a fast yorker,” he added.

Mustafizur is a slippery customer and he hurries the batsmen into playing false shots, Mortaza analysed.

“Say he spends 10-12 days without practice, just sleeping, still he will surely be able to bowl with guile and venom in a match. He can bowl cutters with his eyes closed, it comes naturally to him. Mustafizur is far more skilful than all his contemporaries,” Mortaza said stressing on the cutters that he bowls.

“I’d say, he is much more difficult to play than it seems. Simply consider this, all batsmen know he will bowl cutters but still struggle to play them. Why? Firstly, because of the diversity of his cutters. It’s difficult reading his wrist action.”

“Sometimes he may have to bear with a one or two sixes and fours, but he is basically unplayable. A batsman like AB de Villiers could not play him even after getting set.”

Mortaza also warned that he needs to be taken care of as much as he needs to look after himself.

“It is the most crucial for the future. A person is mostly responsible for taking care of himself. Mustafizur is capable of doing that very well. He is a very disciplined boy. So I don’t worry too much about it.”

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